TheNature of God - to empty one's self

The nature of God is often declared in words of power, wonder and glory. God's multifaceted nature is bequeathed to us as our creation in the image of God.  How marvelous to be powerful, right and mighty.   But God also gifts our very nature with creativity, compassion, love, self-emptying - it is in our make-up.

If God's nature is to self-empty, then so is ours.  We struggle with the giving up of things, how much more we struggle with the giving up of ourselves especially when it reaches to our core.  Today I came across a section from Elizabeth Johnson, She Who Is, p. 234 that spoke to me.

"Within the Christian story it is possible to see that divine self-emptying in the incarnation and passion of Christ is not an uncharacteristic divine action.  Rather, this historical moment discloses the pattern of Sophia-God's love always and everywhere operative.  Divine freely self-giving love did not begin with God's personal entering into human history but is so typical that it plays out at the dawn of creation itself."

The butterfly's cocoon is wound up so tightly in itself, it doesn't know (mentally) what is coming.  But time reveals the deeper instinctual knowing that lies within of how it can break through and spread it's wings to fly. How do I claim the power of God to empty myself so that I am ready to receive and move into what I dared not believe was even possible - a transformation and resurrection into new life.   

We often cause our own pain

An amazing prayer I would share with you: 
"God of justice, God of mercy, bless all those who are surprised with pain this day from suffering caused by their own weakness or that of others. Let what we suffer teach us to be merciful; let our sins teach us to forgive. This we ask through the intercession of Jesus and all who died forgiving those who oppressed them. Amen" - p. 59 People's Companion to the Breviary
I read this in the morning and experienced the truth of it that evening.  God have mercy to us all.  

A Gift to those who Give

"Humanly speaking a genuine gift is given freely, out of love and not out of necessity; its reception is occasion for gratitude and joy.  In the divine freedom to be present to all creatures, empowering them to birth and rebirth in the midst of the antagonistic structures of reality, the Spirit is intelligible as the first gift, freely given and giving.  Her loving in the world is gracious and inviting, never forcing or using violence but respectfully calling to human freedom, as is befitting a gift."

I came across this fabulous quote from Elizabeth Johnson, She Who Is, during devotions.  With the force of a hammer hitting a nail, it helps me understand the relationship between gift and freedom of will which I don't always connect with.  So many times I give out of duty, but true gift comes from love.  What a gift of freedom that the Twos share with us. So my gift to all the Twos I love is this passage.  Enjoy!